Nigeria - Chad Diplomatic Relations and Economic Development in Nigeria, 2010-2023

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Jeremiah Akaha Gbenda
Musa Idris


Contemporarily, the world is such that nations can hardly do without one another. Nigeria and Chad over the years are connected by historical, social, economic, cultural and other forms of fundamental interests. The relations between Nigeria and Chad predates the coming of the colonial masters; at the end of colonial rule, both states engaged in a form of multi-dimensional bilateral relations. This research adopts qualitative method and is premised on Nigeria-Chad diplomatic relations and economic development from 2010-2023. The study argues that cross-border clashes in the Nigeria and Chad borders impedes economic development as it affects the security of the region. The research adopts the Social Exchange theory postulated by George Homans (1958) which asserts that human behaviors and social interaction is driven by exchange process to pilot the study. Our data was generated using the primary and secondary sources with content analysis as our method of analysis. The study recommends securitization of the borders and good infrastructural development such as accessible roads that would link border communities in the region to pave way for viable trade and interventions by organizations and respective member nations. The study shall be useful in advancing the ethos of diplomatic relations not only between Nigeria and Chad but also with other neighbors in the sub-region.

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Gbenda, J. A. ., & Idris, M. (2024). Nigeria - Chad Diplomatic Relations and Economic Development in Nigeria, 2010-2023. University of Nigeria Journal of Political Economy, 14(1). Retrieved from
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Jeremiah Akaha Gbenda, Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna Nigeria

Department of International Relations

Musa Idris, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Department of Political Science